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  • Favorites Collection

    Everything from fruit… to a nutty pecan log! Includes our premium grove fresh Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, creamy chocolate squares, delightful chocolate-covered Coconut Patties, a...

  • First and Last Honeybells

    Get two shipments of the juiciest fruit to last the whole season!

    Need more Honeybells? With First and Last Honeybells, you’ll get...

    From: $68.99
  • Florida’s Choice

    Three citrus flavors made from sun-ripened, in-season fruit chosen at its peak for freshness. Our recipes include fresh-squeezed juice and zesty peel. This assortment includes Tangerine, ...

  • Fruit Galore Medley

    Four boxes of beautiful, fresh fruit – juicy, sweet Oranges, crisp Red Delicious Apples, orchard-ripe d’Anjou Pears and easy-to-peel Tangelos. A gift that’s sure to plea...

  • Grand Slam Deluxe

    Our most popular trio of Florida sunshine – juicy Navel Oranges, easy-peel Tangelos and sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit made extra special with the addition of our Deluxe gifts: two jars ...

    From: $52.99
  • Harvest Sampler

    Five varieties and fifteen pieces of beautiful, fresh fruit including two Ruby Red Grapefruit, two Tangelos, four Navel Oranges, four Red Delicious Apples and three orchard-ripe d’A...

  • Holiday Fruit Medley

    Surprise someone special with a gift of Red Delicious Apples, sweet Oranges, and juicy, orchard-ripe d’Anjou Pears. Just the right size to say “Thank You”, “Thinki...

  • Honeybell Field Crate

    A genuine wooden field crate overflowing with delicious Honeybells or Honeybells and Grapefruit.

    Available January

  • Honeybell Grove Basket

    Send friends and family this fun, country grove basket filled with the sweetest, juiciest premium-sized Honeybells.

    Available January